Satsuki Azalea Notes, October:

The final pruning and trimming, as described in last month’s column, should now be in full swing. Discontinue fertilizing when temperatures drop below 65 degrees. As noted above, alter your watering regimen as required. Azaleas will benefit at this time of the year by placing them into full sun. Prepare your winter storage facilities. It is generally accepted that the temperature should not be allowed to go below 25 degrees. There are some varieties that can stand some colder temperatures, but unless you are sure of which ones they are, use the 25 degree rule.

Remove any wire not yet removed. I do not like to leave wire on azaleas during the cold months.

If you have not yet put your azaleas into the three year cycle that Tatemori Gondo, Mr. Azalea of Japan, and I advocate, plan now to do so. Although I use this plan, there are others that are equally successful at growing azaleas, using other methods.

Though there is only a minor color change in azaleas, get out into the countryside and enjoy the colors all around us. We all know what will too soon be upon us.


Maple Fall

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