Satsuki Azalea Notes, February:

There is not much to be done with your azalea bonsai this month. Continue the tasks mentioned in last months newsletter. In addition, continue to keep an eye on moisture. Do not let them dry out. Keep the ‘diomorphic’ leaves cleaned up so they do not mold on the soil surface.

Towards the end of the month, if you have some azaleas that have large buds, and they are in the first or second year of the cycle, you may remove them. The first year cycle trees will be repotted this year and should be disbudded. The second year cycle trees will be wired and styled this year and should also be disbudded. Those in the their third year of the cycle will be allowed to bloom and be displayed.

The frigid days of January were a particular threat to azaleas. My guideline for them is not to go below 25 degrees. I hope that all your azaleas make it through this trying period. Write up a description of what measures you may have taken and what your results were.

If you did your work last month, you should have your azalea soil ready and your pots clean and screens wired in. This month, you should give your azaleas a final spray of NEEM oil.

Do not be in a great rush to get your azaleas out of winter storage and outside. As with all your bonsai, allow for a gradual transition from winter storage to outside spring temperatures and sunlight. Don’t be impatient. Spring will get here. It hasn’t failed yet.





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