Satsuki Azalea Notes, December:

By this time your azaleas are or should be slumbering in
their winter quarters. Care this month is, as with all bonsai, keeping a check on moisture and checking for pests. With azaleas we must also keep an eye on the temperature. It should not go much below 25 degrees. Keep in mind that azaleas are evergreen and therefore need light during the winter months.

Once again I have been receiving the regular winter question “the leaves on my azaleas are turning yellow and dropping off”.

To those that are new to azaleas and to those that need to be reminded, this a natural process. Some varieties of azaleas have “diomorphic” leaves (2 sets) i.e. spring and summer leaves. The spring leaves that unfold at flowering, drop off in fall and winter. Some drop only a few, while others seem to lose almost all their leaves. Also, the colder the winter, the heavier the leaf drop. Keep them cleaned up so they do not get moldy.














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